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eLegal Training Launches Innovative Online Training and Coaching Site

Website features the largest business development knowledge and course library in the industry

DAVIS, California, September 2019 - A new eLearning website for business lawyers offers a fresh and innovative approach to legal marketing and business development training. Designed specifically for the corporate law firm and law school industries, eLegal Training is a business development and marketing learning portal, knowledge library and referral community for business lawyers. It features the industry’s most extensive catalog of ‘microburst’ business development training modules and the industry’s largest collection of planning templates and guides.

“I’d like to think we’ve created a learning community,” said Eric Dewey, an instructor/coach and course developer on the eLegal Training platform. “Lawyers can not only learn a wide range of marketing and business development skills here but also interact with other lawyers and subject matter experts in discussion groups, group coaching sessions and through regular online referral networking sessions.”

While online video training is not new to the legal industry, eLegal Training’s modules are the only ones designed by lawyers, instructional designers and experienced law firm business development professionals who have spent years in house and understand the unique challenges that lawyers face in building a profitable practice. The curriculum is also unique in that it focuses on practice development skills as opposed to selling and relationship building skills. Practice development is the collection of tools, processes and techniques used to position a legal practice to attract the clients and clearly communicate the market position of the attorney’s practice. It uses the principles of practice specialization, service delivery differentiation, and value creation to make a lawyer’s practice attractive to prospective clients and presentable for one-to-one promotional discussions. Without these important practice attributes clarified, selling and networking efforts frequently get little traction because prospects are unable to independently validate how the lawyer adds value to a business.

Courses on eLegal Training were developed in partnership with, one of the largest law-school preparation sites in the industry and the ninth fastest-growing education company in the country, according to Inc. Magazine. “The folks at Quimbee are not just lawyers who understand the legal industry; they also know instructional design. They helped us formulate easy-to-understand, quick-to-learn, effective legal business-development training modules.” Dewey added. “We couldn’t have created such an exceptional learning experience without them.”

Another unique feature is that law firms can opt for a custom-branded ‘admin’ site on the platform which includes the knowledge library and control of the learning experience of their lawyers. With an admin site, law firms can upload their own courses, store files, conduct client satisfaction surveys and deliver training to client companies. The Admin branch also enables the law firm to control access to their learners, instructors, add courses, and moderate community features like discussion groups and referral networking conferences. The service also has a client value-add component in that it enables law firms to deliver compliance training to their client’s employees and conduct and report on client satisfaction surveys. The platform is built to the most current web standards and technologies and can be configured in multiple languages.

Subscribers get their own dashboard and email account with their performance and progress tracked on a leader board. This gamification feature encourages engagement and accountability and provides the reporting for law firm leaders to view the progress and performance of each lawyer. Attorneys can also add optional one-to-one coaching sessions and order an in-depth individualized practice analysis and strategy recommendation.

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