Short, Practical Training that Gets Results.

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200+ short, practical lessons in business and practice development

designed specifically for lawyers and professional staff. 

Business Development for Emerging Rainmakers teaches the fundamentals of business and practice development. Build a strong foundation for future success by developing 1. who you know, 2. what you know and 3. how you are.

Business Development for Emerging Rainmakers. 

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If you need solutions to your business development challenges, you've come to the right place.

eLegal Training's lessons and guides will teach you how to: 

  • Build strong relationships that refer work
  • Convert concerns into reasons to buy
  • Make yourself indispensable to your clients
  • Close a new engagement with six surefire questions
  • Set your practice apart from competitors
  • Become more memorable
  • Write so your clients will read your articles and pass them along
  • Create a persuasive bio that sells you
  • Know when a buyer wants to buy from you
             Plus new lessons added regularly.
  • Create a unique value proposition that attracts client inquiries
  • Assess the price sensitivity of your practice and increase your billing rate
  • Squeeze more profits out of your current revenues
  • Build a powerful network of connections
  • Know how many prospects you need to achieve your revenue goals
  • Find the best prospects for your practice
  • Add value to your network of connections
  • Reach out to people you don’t know 

Highly experienced legal marketing experts and BD coaches who will answer your  questions and help you strategize. 

Open group coaching and referral marketing sessions to learn real world solutions and build your referral community

Dozens of guides and planning documents to help you organize and facilitate your business development effort. 

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