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eLearning Services

eLegal Training is building into a full-service eLearning content development company focused exclusively on marketing and business development education for the legal industry. We start with the end in mind and design courses that achieve your firm’s strategic objectives while reflecting the unique nature of your firm’s culture. Through our assessment process we work with you to map out a training curriculum with specific learning objectives for each course. Then we build the eLearning modules through our instructional design, multimedia design, and content development processes.

Whether you use our course materials, your own or choose to combine the best of both, we apply proven instructional techniques and the latest eLearning strategies to ensure your lawyers get the skills that they can apply immediately.

Instructional Design Services

Gamification Programs

Gamification makes learning fun. Build accountability and engagement into your training program and use badges and certificates to document results.

Training Program Assessments

We provide objective assessments of legal marketing and business development programs. Whether you need to update an existing program or move it online, we can help.

LMS and VRP Hosting

& Administration

Let us host and/or manage your firm's internal Learning Management System (LMS). Add video recorded practice sessions to enhance instruction. 

Instructional Design

We provide professional instructional design services for your proprietary courses. Instructional design assures the skills you want taught are developed for al learning styles. 

Course Development

Tell us the skills you want taught and we'll design a training program to your specifications. We maintain an extensive collection of training content that can be easily adapted to your unique training needs.

End to End Production

We provide scripts, exercises, worksheets, quizzes, video and audio production, post production, PowerPoint integration, Interactive features and finished uploadable files - everything to get your program online. 

Three ways to put eLearning to work in your organization.


Convert your existing webinars, presentations, client or in house training programs to eLearning. 


Create your own eLearning courses from your firm's existing training materials.


Collaborate with us to customize our course materials to your firm's culture and specific needs. 

Training Strategy and Assessments

We meet with you to help you assess your firm’s business development and marketing training needs and can assess them by practice area, experience level or both. Then we work with you to design a set of courses that accomplish your learning objectives and a system to ensure you get the return on your firm’s investment. Lastly, we’ll confer with you to map the modalities that work best including micro learning, blended learning, virtual Instructor led eLearning or facilitated onsite workshops.

eLearning Course Development

Let us handle the full scope of your next online legal services training project. Our content development process involves the creation of engaging eLearning content using instructional design principles and an attorney-specific delivery strategy. We deliver highly effective eLearning courses and blended learning solutions in a variety of formats. Our course development services include:

  • Course planning and learning path design

  • Development of learning objectives and the key skills that must be developed

  • Engagement strategy including gamification, certificates and badges.

  • Instructional design and advice

  • Script drafting and/or editing

  • Audio and video recording and production

  • Post production editing and rendering

  • SCORM compatible and other file conversions

  • Illustrations and graphic support materials

  • Exercises, worksheets, quizzes and related materials development

  • LMS system administration and management

  • Tracking and reporting systems

Instructional Design

Telling is not training. We create engaging and effective eLearning content that increases knowledge retention and skills development. And we do this specifically and exclusively for lawyers. We have decades of experience working with lawyers and understand their learning styles, time constraints, competitive pressures, client demands and the business development skills that lead to success. Our process includes the creation of courses, individual lessons, exercises, worksheets and quizzes to ensure knowledge and skills are delivered effectively.

We can advise law firms on course marketing, implementation, performance tracking, and reporting. Instructional designers use proven instructional strategies that engage your lawyers while staying true to your firm’s culture. eLearning is a cost effective and scalable way to give your lawyers the right tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed.

Innovative Course Catalog

Attorneys face an increasingly competitive marketplace and an expanding set of challenges. Our proprietary catalog of over 120 different subjects can give your lawyers the competitive advantage they need. Our content developers have direct experience designing practical training for lawyers and provide law firms with a wide range of innovative content and lesson planning. Our proprietary courses help you find hidden opportunities, develop new practices, deliver more value, overcome billing rate resistance and gain competitive advantage. We also have content on lateral hiring and integration, client book due diligence, coaching and practice development, practice management, growth strategy and lots more. Visit our course catalog page to review the complete list of available content.

Facts about eLearning

Learning through e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less billable time than learning the same material in a traditional onsite setting.
Revenue generated per employee is 26% higher for companies that offer elearning training. 42% of companies report increased revenue after implementing elearning.
eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates for face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%.
Law firms can save 50% and 70% over the cost of traditional onsite instructor led training. 
According to a 24×7 learning survey, participants in elearning retain 11% more than participants in classroom settings.  
80% of students claimed that eLearning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented. Gamification improves engagement and retention. Customize your learning experience with gamification.
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