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Coaching Services

eLegal Training provides coaching and marketing support services to attorneys at every career level, from first-year associates to senior partners and shareholders. Our coaches have decades of experience and have developed a practice development system that has proven successful with hundreds of attorneys in dozens of difficult challenges across a wide variety of practice areas. 


Our flexible approach is customized to the needs of each attorney. We guide attorneys in analyzing their challenges and opportunities, develop a plan to achieve their goals and coach them to internalize the behaviors and skills that lead to success.   

We also train professional staff to successfully coach using our PROPS coaching model and a proven practice development process. And, we can assist your firm in lateral partner assessments, on-boarding and integration and cross marketing. 



One on One Coaching


Develop your practice through intensive, one on one coaching sessions. Sessions include a rigorous analysis of your practice a practice development plan and weekly coaching sessions. Coaching sessions typically last six months. 

Group Coaching


Participants join up to a dozen others in regular monthly coaching sessions which explore practice growth strategies and business development plan execution. Group sessions are conducted via video conference allowing participants to be drawn from multiple offices

Video Recorded Practice 


We can provide video recorded practice sessions to practice the skills you've learned and get feedback from other lawyers or our coaches. Submit assignments to have them evaluated or graded. 

Our Coaching Process

Every attorney is different and their coaching needs unique. As such, eLegal Training consultants conduct an assessment of the attorney which involves a time and billing analysis, a client analysis and interviews to determine the attorney's goals, challenges, and competencies. We then review our initial findings with the attorney and identify the key challenges and opportunities facing them in their current practice. Once these key challenges are identified, we customize our coaching to addressing each lawyers’ unique circumstances. Through regular discussions, research and analyses we formulate a marketing strategy statement which lays out a path to achieving the attorney's goals. Once the attorney and firm agree to the marketing strategy, a tactical practice development plan is developed.


Throughout this process, we help attorneys inventory the people they know, assemble a master list of contacts, segment them by outreach type and prioritize the connections that present the best opportunities for new work. Then, we help them develop an outreach plan that ensures the appropriate level of communication for each type of contact. We also analyze their practice area to to understand the focus of the practice and how they can best differentiate it through expertise, process efficiency or client service. Throughout the process, we coach the attorney in the how to build their book of business and become more disciplined and accountable in their business development outreach efforts, offering advice, proven techniques and support along the way.

What Our Clients Say

“There are a lot of people that do what you do (business development coaching), most of whom I wouldn’t work with as they really don’t know what they are doing. They don’t seem to have been there and offer practical advice. But you really do know what you’re doing and you have good ideas. I like that you do much of the work yourself instead of expecting me to do it all - I just don’t have the time. I also like that you help me set priorities and keep on me to do what I need to do. It’s very helpful.”

Corporate Practice Group Leader and member of the Management Committee, AmLaw 100 Law Firm


"The work that he did was impeccable from start to finish."

Office Managing Partner, Amlaw 200 Law Firm


"I would never have thought of this as a niche for my practice. But it makes perfect sense. Clearly, there's a huge opportunity here. Your research and plan was fantastic. Thank you!"

Management Committee Member, AmLaw 100 Law Firm



“I have worked with Eric Dewey for almost a year.  I came to him to assist me in building my practice after using a couple of other business development consultants.  These consultants mostly tried to assist me with messaging and tactics.

But Eric approached my practice as a strategic consultant.  After reviewing my practice and the practice of my firm, he prepared a concise and rigorous analysis that he refers to as a situational practice assessment.  It was right on the money and served as the basis for how I should then proceed.


The plan forward that was charted was based on an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses and that of my firm as well an analysis of the legal marketplace. I found it to be extraordinarily helpful.  Since Eric is a business analyst, among other things, and has an objective perspective, the strategy was rooted in facts and real trends, rather than on fads and gut feel.

I really enjoyed working with him and looked forward to our conversations. He was fun to work with, has a wealth of useful experience, and has been generous with his time.

I now consider eLegal Training and Eric an essential part of my practice.”

Steven Shapiro, Esq., Partner


Reference names and contact information are available upon request.

We have coached lawyers at some of the top law firms in the U.S.
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The 'Cycle of Success'

Practice Development Framework 

The Cycle of Success is eLegal Training's marketing and business development framework. It describes the processes, skills and activities that lead to business development success in today's highly competitive and quickly changing marketplace. We use this practice development framework throughout our coaching services to assure clients learn all aspects of marketing and business development and can be successful regardless of their future challenges. 

At the heart of our Cycle of Success framework is the concept of Pi-Shaped Professionals. Business development success depends upon how well you manage three core competencies: "what you know," "who you know" and "how you are". These three factors make up the Pi-Shaped Professionals model. We coach our clients to build these qualities into their practice. Good coaching, along with the skills and processes in the Cycle of Success, leads to professional accomplishment.

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"The best way to get a new engagement is to engage." 
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