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The Outreach Challenge

Profitable Growth in 120 Days - Guaranteed

A professional’s Rolodex is their greatest asset. ‘Whom they know’ and ‘who knows them’ are the source of most opportunities for new work. In addition to new opportunities, conversations with connections can provide new information, special insights, and introductions to new resources and new people.


Unfortunately, most lawyers are not intentional, let alone strategic, about developing and managing their network of contacts. They don't know everyone that they know. Fewer still mine the value hidden within their network of contacts. And law firms don't actively manage the combined contact networks of their lawyers. Knowing that 85% (or more) of all work comes from referrals, one would think law firm leaders would focus on ensuring every lawyer's network of connections are in top shape and every lawyer is reaching out on a regular and consistent basis. But they don't.

The Outreach Challenge program offers a structured, simple and methodical way to manage and mine the value of the networks of connections inside the firm. It challenges participating lawyers to reach out regularly and add value to the people in their network. That outreach activity produces new work opportunities and provides the fuel for group collaboration and the breaking down of practice area silos.

The program has three key initiatives:

1. Identify the reach and focus of personal networks by taking lawyers through a connections mapping process. Then, identify the new opportunities, new resources, and hidden value in the combined network of all participating lawyers.


2. Help lawyers develop personal outreach habits, prioritize their targets, coordinate across practice areas, and manage outreach as a daily part of their workday.


3. Seize the value of the outreach process through monthly group/peer coaching sessions where opportunities are discussed and coordinated and new insights are shared.


The benefits of the program are numerous. They include:

  • New Clients and New Matters - guaranteed. 

  • Greater collaboration and cross-selling among lawyers 

  • More knowledge of each lawyer’s practice area, expertise, and clients

  • Better insights and more market / competitive intelligence

  • Better tracking of outreach activity that helps demonstrate results

  • Improved accountability through peer sessions and individual business development coaching

Organic growth is the best and most durable driver of law firm profits. The Outreach Challenge program combines contact management, outreach skills development, and group coaching to achieve extraordinary business development results. It has achieved a minimum 345% return on investment and routinely generates multiple new engagements and new client relationships - all in just 120 days. 

For more information on The Outreach Challenge and our Growth Guarantee, please contact Eric at

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