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Decision-Strategy Selling™ goes where no sales training has gone before because it isn’t sales training, it’s pre-sales training. It is a compliment to your existing selling skills training program and helps attorneys better understand, facilitate and navigate the prospect’s buying process thereby improving the attorney’s selling process.

Decision-Strategy Selling™ is an evolution in modern sales methods that expands the conventional understanding of the buying-selling process and teaches lawyers how to use the most effective business development strategies for the company’s unique situation. It introduces new questioning skills and new assessment tools which significantly improve the lawyer's ability to expedite engagement opportunities. It was designed specifically for the unique needs of the corporate law industry.

Lawyers love Decision-Strategy Selling™ because it enables them to begin the selling process as a trusted adviser and not as a salesperson. It does not require strong, pre-existing relationships which enables the lawyer to start engagement discussions sooner. It more naturally fits the personality type and training of most lawyers. And, new questioning techniques enable lawyers to get a view into the internal relationships and decision-making processes that until now have been hidden from their view.


This 'view inside the company' sheds light on the motivations of organizations to buy or delay buying. It helps to guide lawyers in their approach to each opportunity. It also provides explanations as to why decision makers disengage from discussions, postpone discussions, change requirements, bring in new players and other unexpected changes - reducing the frustration typical in many business development pursuits. As a result, lawyers are more informed and can be more strategic in their business development pursuits.


Decision-Strategy Selling™ helps create trusted adviser relationships more quickly, reveals cross selling opportunities more reliably, clarifies the buyer’s selection criteria more accurately, enables lawyers to spot dead end pursuits, and increases the effectiveness of existing sales methods.

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The Three Roles of a Rainmaker
Hidden buying process
Conventional buying process
Buyers must fully understand the implications of changes on their business before they can make those changes. This graph shows how the internal buying decision process relates to the conventional sales process. It explains the three roles to be played depending on where the buyer is in their buying decision process. Most legal business development training teaches lawyers to follow a traditional selling path which begins with the 'Go. No Go' decision to find a solution. Starting your sales process at that point leaves you competing on equal footing with your competitors. It also runs the risk that you begin selling before the buyer is receptive to your solution. This causes sales pressure which makes relationships more difficult to form. But use Decision Coaching techniques early in the problem identification stage, and you can influence the type of solution, the selection criteria, and become a trusted adviser. 

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