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How eLegal Training works

Micro-burst learning modules


eLegal Training’s videos provide simple explanations of complex concepts. They’re short bursts of learning, distilled down to the essential information you need to be successful. The videos mimic great coaching sessions, include quizzes and exercises to test learning, and are designed for mobile viewing.

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Personal Dashboard


Learners get a personal dashboard which shows their learning progress and displays their ranking on the leader board, their certifications and badges. Every subscriber get a personal mailbox and receives weekly B.D. tips. Learning community subscribers can access discussion groups, referral networking groups, and coaching sessions and Coach on Call assistance.

Professional Coaching 


Augment training with individualized, one-hour coaching sessions. Our professional coaches have decades of experience assisting lawyers at every level of their careers in overcoming  challenges and building a robust book of clients. We carefully assess the lawyer's practice and provide customized solutions that work for the unique situation and personalities of each lawyer. 

Forms and Guides 


The knowledge and forms library gives lawyers a wealth of additional resources to deal with a wide variety of challenges including cross selling, practice management, client development, practice analysis, content marketing, and much more. With over 150 documents, it is the largest business development and marketing forms library in the industry.

Custom Branch and Admin Seat 


Opt for a custom branch for the firm where your admin seat license allows you to manage the instructional experience of your attorneys. Add users, instructors, and courses. Set up specialty groups, automated notifications and customized reports. Even deliver client training or collect client satisfaction surveys. 

Open Group Coaching and Referral Networking Sessions


Participate in regularly scheduled group coaching  and referral networking sessions  or view the recorded sessions at your leisure. Join specialty groups sessions for Young lawyers, women attorneys and other special interest groups. 

Discussion Groups


Learners and instructors can access dozens of discussion groups on a wide variety of common business development challenges to mine the discussions for new ideas, proven techniques and sage advice.  

What we believe

Our Business Development Philosophy:

Attorneys don’t like to sell and client don’t like to be sold. Our instructional philosophy emphasizes attraction over promotion. We believe lawyers are successful when they optimize who they know, what they know and how they are. Because we've eliminated unnecessary sales pressure from the client development process, our formula is both more comfortable for lawyers and more effective with clients.


eLegal Training’s business development and legal marketing courses form a solid foundation for success by teaching lawyers how to manage their practice profitably, build their connections effectively and focus their expertise efficiently.