Business Development for Emerging Rainmakers Course Curriculum

Course 1: Life Cycle of Legal Services – The Fundamentals of Business Development 

Welcome to Life Cycle of Legal Services 

Module 1: Growing Your Practice – The Practice Maturity Life Cycle 

Introduction to Growing Your Practice - Take this course FREE

Strategic Importance and Competitive Rivalry 

Price Sensitivity in Legal Services

Module 2: Practice Differentiation Strategies

The Power of Differentiation 

Practice Differentiation Strategies 


Unique Value Propositions (UVP) - Take this course FREE

Module 3: Building Loyalty with Existing Clients 

The Client Embedding Process 

Preparing to Provide Value – Determining Your Client Value Position 

Defining Value and Building Trust 

Module 4: The Six Drivers of Law Firm Revenues 

Fundamentals of Revenue, Compensation, and Profitability 

Billing Rates, Utilization, and Realization 

Leverage, Lawyer Growth, and Expense Control

Forces Affecting Law Firm Growth

Module 5: The Marketing and Sales Cycle

The Marketing and Sales Cycle 

Marketing Strategies and Techniques 

Sales Strategies and Techniques 

Service Strategies and Techniques

Marketing Strategy 


Course 2: Building a Powerful Network of Connections -- Mining the Value of Who You Know

Welcome to Building a Powerful Network of Connections 

Module 1: Creating a Master List of Connections 

The Power of a Strong Network 

Creating a Master List of Connections

Knowing Who You Know 

Module 2: From Master List to Power Network

The Purpose of a Power Network 

Selecting Weak Connections For Your Power Network 

Module 3: Building Network Value

Adopting a Giving Mindset 

Ways to Provide Value to Your Network 

Principles and Discipline to Build Network Value 

Module 4: Developing an Outreach Discipline 

Using the Outreach Calculator

Determining Outreach Objectives 

Planning Outreach Conversations 

Module 5: Outreach Communication Strategies

It's Time to Connect to Your Power Network 

Staying in Touch with Weak Connections 

Reaching Out to People You Don't Know  

Course 3: Building a Powerful Practice Niche -- Mining the Value of What You Know

Welcome to Building a Powerful Practice Niche

Chapter 1: Choosing a Practice Niche 

The Benefits of Niche Differentiation 

The Practice Differentiation Pyramid 

Beginning to Find Your Focus 

Finding Your Focus 

Chapter 2: General Differentiation Strategies 

Practice Innovation 

Client Focus 

Process Improvement 

Chapter 3: Proving and Promoting Your Niche Expertise 

Integrated Marketing 

Avoiding Practice Dissonance 

Proving and Promoting Niche Expertise 

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