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eLegal Training Courses Feature Cutting Edge Technology,
Innovative Content and Proven Instructional Strategies. 
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Telling isn't teaching. Professionally designed instruction assures lessons deliver learning and build skills regardless of learning style.


Short, concise online skills-specific lessons require less time and increases learning. Lessons enhanced with exercises, worksheets and quizzes.

innovative courses

Our practical lessons form the foundation of what lawyers need to know to be successful in business development. 

fun and games

Stay motivated with gamification tools, badges  and completion certificates 

that build engagement and

encourage competition.

individual & group COACHING

Video Recorded Practice

Forms, checklists and Guides

reports, emails and


We offer optional one-to-one or group coaching sessions to reinforce and deepen learning and application with our experienced coaches. 

We integrate a video-recorded practice feature to submit webcam-captured practice sessions for review, feedback or grading. 

Access a large collection of legal marketing forms, guides, and planning documents on Bus Dev, marketing, practice group management, and lots more.

Monitor activity and performance with reports and alerts. Set up lesson paths and automate email reminders to make administration a breeze.

Build a Strong Foundation of Skills

with eLegal Training Practice Development Courses

You'll gain the skills to:
Understand Your Market Position
Build Competitive Advantage 
Differentiate Your Practice
Develop an Outreach Discipline
Build a Master List of Connections
Write Better for Business Clients
Manage Time and Workload Effectively
Give Feedback and Develop Others
Develop a Practice Specialty Area
Build an Effective Marketing Plan
Become a Thought Leader
Close More Engagements
Craft a Compelling Value Proposition
Effectively Negotiate with Others
Supervise and Delegate Assignments
Manage Others Above and Below you

Plus Lots More!!

Some courses may be eligible for Continuing Legal Education credit

195+ online skills-focused business and practice development modules, quizzes and exercises.

100+ marketing, business development and practice development planning forms and guides for just about any business development challenge.


A custom dashboard for learners and law firms with leader boards, performance tracking, automated reporting, custom branded site and automated reminders and notifications, plus lots more.

Open group coaching and optional individual coaching, independent practice analysis and custom practice development plans plus our 'Coach on Call' 24/7 access to coaches and instructors to answer your questions and strategize on business development.

Use the eLegal Training Platform to deliver compliance training to clients or automate the client satisfaction surveying and reporting process.

The Best Features and Value in The Industry


Business Development Assistance

You're just one call away from

the best eLearning solution in the legal industry.

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