Power Grids
How Successful Lawyers Build Powerful Networks that Drive Reputations, Relationships, Referrals, and Revenues.

Available June 2022

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If you could read only one book that provides all the tools needed by a lawyer to gain new clients, develop new business and be the first person called when a client needs help, Power Grids tells it all.

Using the metaphor of a grid, Eric Dewey lays out and synthesizes all the interdependent approaches and processes needed to be successful – including the key ones that he has tested over his long career that really work, and ones that he’s invented in collaboration with his clients and is sharing with us for the first time.


Written in an inviting-to-read style, Eric speaks to each of us as a personal business development coach, working with us every step of the way. He knows how lawyers think, the pressures that face them, what motivates them to action, and how they learn.


He debunks certain outdated approaches that he knows are a waste of time (for example, he says, “Networking is about knowing more people. Connecting is about knowing people more”). And he provides shockingly practical tips (at a business meal, “… sit with your back against the wall and [the client] facing you, [so] they will be distracted less often by the other people in the restaurant”).


In Power Grids, Eric shares with us powerful ideas and shows us how to put them to use – simply, and maybe even painlessly, because he walks us through straight-forward methods that we each can adopt. And he encourages us on as we build our own power grids of connections, reputations, relationships, referrals, and revenues.   


In the field of law firm business development, I believe that Eric Dewey is one of the geniuses. I hold this view based on my own experience of having been hired to provide strategic management advice to more than 30 of the AmLaw 100 and many mid-sized and smaller law firms. Power Grids is as applicable to a lawyer in a 20-lawyer firm as to a lawyer working in a 2,000-lawyer one.


– Bruce Heintz, Heintz Consulting LLC

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