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Using the metaphor of a power grid, Eric Dewey lays out and synthesizes all the interdependent approaches and processes needed to be successful – including the key ones that he has tested over his long career that really work and ones that he’s invented in collaboration with his clients and is sharing with us for the first time.


Written in an inviting-to-read style, Eric speaks to each of us as a personal business development coach, working with us every step of the way. He knows how lawyers think, the pressures that face them, what motivates them to action, and how they learn.


Power Grids is more than just a how-to-build-your-network book. Dewey shares models to help you better understand industry structure, your practice’s competitive position, and how to align value with the client’s changing needs. He debunks certain outdated approaches that he knows are a waste of time and encourages us to envision practice- and situation-specific selling strategies rather than a one-size-fits-all sales approach. He urges us to learn the language of business, understand the context in which legal solutions must work, and become both a trusted advisor and an embedded partner to our clients.


You’ll also learn:

  • How to plot your unique position in the marketplace so you can optimize a marketing strategy.
  • What drives billing rate sensitivity and how to use these variables to earn higher fees.
  • 26 unusual business activities to look for that can indicate legal issues and potential engagements.
  • How to identify the best sales strategy for your practice area and how to adjust your strategy to each new selling situation.
  • The three most important practice differentiation strategies and how to adjust them to better align with a company’s needs.
  • The key business concepts and financial ratios to understand any organization’s business.
  • Why change management skills are more important for lawyers than selling skills.
  • The single most powerful question to ask that can unseat the incumbent provider.

Power Grids, eBook

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